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1 answer

Encouraging more questions

One of the main reasons we're still in beta when other sites graduated is undoubtedly down to the low number lack of questions per day. One idea to increase this might be to have some kind of weekly ...
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I set up a @StackVegetarian account on Twitter

For a few years it was common to set up automated Twitter accounts for each StackExchange site that would tweet out new questions as they were asked. However, this practice ceased in 2015 because the ...
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13 votes
1 answer

Should we change veg*n questions to vegan/vegetarian ? (for search engines)

I've recently answered this question (Are most electronics veg*n?), and while making further researches I realized that I never ran into this post itself on search engines (except on DuckDuckGo which ...
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9 votes
3 answers

What should be our site's tagline?

As Mithrandir suggested in this post, we can promote our site on other community sites like Seasoned Advice via a Community Promotion Ads. But our potential ad may need a tagline, like our site when ...
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13 votes
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How do we promote our site?

This is an issue beta sites are facing: attracting users. Unfortunately, our site is not making an exception. But the good news is that we can all participate to overcome this. I suggest that we ...
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