There are a lot of questions with the tag or but if a user is only a vegetarian (and since the tag is now blacklisted), how can (s)he search for vegetarian-only questions?

I.e., how to view only a smaller subset set of questions with neither nor tags?


You could try -[veganism], however the combo negation doesn't seem to be working or maybe I'm not doing it right. Maybe we could do away with altogether because it seems redundant.

Also, this only works if vegan users don't forget to use the tag.

enter image description here

  • I couldn't get combo negation to work either. It doesn't seem possible to exclude multiple tags in a search. – Nic May 13 '18 at 2:56

The tag was synonomized with a couple weeks after you asked this question, so now you can just search for -[veganism] to exclude all vegan content.

Another approach would have been to modify your tag preferences so that both tags are ignored and you enable the option to hide questions for your ignored tags.

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