Recently there was this question about replacing bananas being asked: How to replace bananas in Europe?

At first I thought this is clearly off-topic since there is no direct connection to Vegetarianism or Veganism, but after looking at it from different angles I can see why the question might be asked here - OP is vegan and is looking for a local vegan replacement of a certain food.

Do you think questions like these are in scope?

  • I think part of the question has some merit. Assuming vegans are concerned about carbon footprint overall, it's helpful to ask what are the most sustainable crops for a specific region. But the question itself is poorly worded -- the submitter seems to be asking for a replacement in their personal diet, not a replacement across all of Europe. – skippy619 Apr 13 '20 at 14:41
  • The question actually doesn't specify a vegan replacement (including a tag doesn't actually count), just "a fruit." I am leaning towards not a V&V question, but pondering where I might migrate it rather than outright close it. – Erica Apr 15 '20 at 15:30

Basically, the rule of thumb is: is it primarily vegetarians or vegans interested in banana alternatives?

  • Veg*ns certainly eat bananas, but so do a lot of people, and for similar reasons ("delivers enough energy before or during sport activities").
  • Veg*ns are often interested in the environmental impact of their food choices (question seeks a lower CO2 footprint), but again, many other people do as well.
  • We know this particular user is vegetarian based on other questions and participation, but that isn't a determining factor (for an extreme/silly example, I can't post Python coding questions on Vegetarianism.SE just because of what foods I don't eat)

I lean towards "this is not on topic for our site," but I would like to migrate it rather than close outright. I'm interested in additional community feedback, though.

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