StackExchange sites have varying approaches to health and nutrition questions.

Seasoned Advice doesn't allow health questions; Parenting doesn't allow questions seeking medical advice. Nutrition seems to be on-topic at Health (as long as it's about what you're eating).

Nutrition is obviously a topic of interest/concern for veg*ns, going by the beta's and first day's questions. However, should there be guidelines to ensure good-quality Q&A about nutrition, and/or help make it specific to veg*nism? (vs. general nutritional advice)


I'd say yes.

However, it would depend on overall subject. For example, Can you achieve sufficient daily complete proteins as a vegan if you only eat grains, fruits, vegetables and other whole foods?. This question is about nutrition as it applies to veg*nism. (on a side note, I like that shortening of vegan/vegetarianism)

However, look at this question: Is boiling orange or lemon peels and drinking it as a tea healthy?. This question is about health benefits, but it serves as an example pretty well I think. This is not about veg*nism, it's about the health benefits of a food that happens to be veg*an.

Take an imaginary question: "How much vitamin B12 does your body need to live"? I'd say this is off-topic. It's certainly applicable to vegans, but it's equally applicable to non-vegans. If you don't like this example, swap out the B12 part for calcium. Yes, it can be harder to get both of those nutrients as a vegan, but it's not specific to veg*nism.

TL;DR: yes, as long as it's about how nutrients relate to veganism, not about nutrients in general.

Related, regarding my stance on this. I believe nutrition questions should fall under these guidelines.

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