I noticed this question which appears to be requesting personalized medical advice, almost to the point of using StackExchange as second opinion after getting unfavourable advice from a doctor.

Any suggestions to help someone experiencing joint pain after giving up dairy products?

However, over the past few weeks she has been experiencing more joint pain after her runs, and occasional muscle aches in the morning when she wakes up.

She has [consulted with a doctor about this], but it was not particularly helpful.

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No, these questions need to be closed.

At first take it seems like maybe this kind of question should be migrated to Health.SE, but if you're familiar with their site you know this is exactly the kind of question they hate. They have this giant yellow banner posted on the right-hand sidebar.

Health Stack Exchange is for educational purposes only and is not intended as a substitute for individualized diagnosis and treatment by a qualified healthcare provider.

They've put a lot of work into developing their disclaimer, including consulting with Stack Overflow's lawyers. We haven't even done that much, so it seems like allowing requests for individualized health advice on this site would be hugely problematic. We can't allow requests that would be closed & deleted on Health.SE just because it might be related to vegetarianism.

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