I've noticed that we have a few questions about "bad things" in/on food, sometimes seeking suggestions on ways to deal with that. Whereas the nutrition tag is about getting sufficient nutrients, these questions seem to be about avoiding problematic matter. Those things fit into several different categories.

Should we have tags for each of these categories, or one tag for all of the above? Currently the best candidate is the tag but I think we can afford a bit more precision.

Heavy metal contamination, especially from soils

Organic compounds that affect digestion

Small organisms

Toxic compounds added through agricultural processes

Antinutrients (like oxalic acid)

Harmful compounds produced by cooking

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Not sure if this term has jumped the shark already, but it seems to describe all the use cases.

How about ?


Suggestions (including examples from other parts of SE):

  • food-health
  • food-safety
  • food-toxicity or nutrient-toxicity or supplement-toxicity
  • toxins
  • side-effects
  • absorption
  • ingredients
  • food-processing
  • I like [food-safety].
    – Nic
    Commented Feb 27, 2020 at 17:34

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