Yes, is a bit more specific than , but it's mostly identical.

Consider also that was blacklisted, as 90% of the questions on this site are about vegetarianism, or at least can the questions can be applied to vegetarians.

has 5 questions tagged right now, and no wiki.

has 44 questions, and the wiki excerpt is:

A particular/habitual eating pattern, for example, "I'm following a raw vegan diet". This is a very general tag: please consider using more specific tags if possible.

What do you all think? I'm personally in favor of synonymizing them, but I'd like more opinions.


Half (22) of the questions tagged with are also tagged with . This seems to indicate a pattern of tagging diet related questions with both and the relevant dietary restrictions.

2 of the 4 questions tagged with mention dairy or eggs. Perhaps instead of creating a synonym, we should retag the questions as both and .

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    Yeah this. I think we should nuke the [vegetarian-diet] tag - it makes no sense as a synonym of [diet] because people are trying to use it to mean vegetarian-not-vegan. Synonymising it to [ovo-lacto] would make more sense!
    – Zanna Mod
    May 11 '17 at 6:02

Keep and burninate

It seems that the original usage of [diet] on this site was to pair it with other tags, so that questions would end up being tagged with [vegan][diet] or [vegetarian][diet] or similar. However, that goes against one of the first directives about good tagging which is that tags should be able to stand alone on a question.

Each tag should stand on its own: if a tag only makes sense when used in a group with other tags, something is wrong. For example, tagging a question as [visual] [studio] (two tags) is wrong.

I think we should aim to use tags that describe specific diet patterns wherever possible, and that's what I've written on the tag wiki for [diet]. The diet tag itself is just too ambiguous.

However, I have noticed there are quite a few questions that ask about vegetarian diet patterns without specifying a particular set of restrictions, and I think that [vegetarian-diet] works very well in those cases.

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